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Welcome to our documentation site! Here you can learn how to import/export your data and integrate with third party applications through our REST API.

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Collaborate with other teams and build informational structure within your development group with AnswerHub - our online SaaS Platform. Increase communal growth and learning by accumulating vast amounts of knowledge in a collaborative environment.

Import and Export Data

Import and export data based on users, questions, articles, and many specific endpoints. Watch the API video in the [AnswerHub Overview!]( Review Reference Docs

Third Party Integrations

Integrate with third party applications such as Slack, Teams, Jira, Zendesk, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager or use our default plugins. Check our release notes for new available integrations. Check out our default plugins list

Custom User Interfaces

Build a custom user interface, check out what some of our customers have done or learn to build your own! Review the Developer Guide

Key Features


Customize your solution with REST API access

Developer Support

Make your community your own with the Developer Support

Role-based Permissions

Manage your community completely, down to a particular user's permissions.

Advanced Moderation

Easily moderate content and manage user permissions.

Plugins and Theming Engines

Advanced theming and plugin engines allow you to customize products to look and function exactly as you'd like.

Built-in Gamification

Drive Community engagement with badges and reputation points.


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