2.27.0 Release Notes

February 10, 2022

The 2.27.0 Release includes a new Analytics back end data structure and multiple enhancements and maintenance updates.

Analytic Updates

New data backend for Analytics is implemented in this release and no changes to analytic feature / function or UI should be noticed. Some minor maintenance updates for data elements / labels on some reports to improve consistency. This update is in preparation for upcoming updates to Analytic reporting capabilities and features.

Maintenance updates and enhancements

  • ANSUP-14545 Updated functionality so that previously merged topics do not continue to be shown in returned topic results when adding / editing topics on content. (Don't show topics that were merged into another topic, only show the topic that was merged into)

  • ANSUP-14654 Updated web panel display rules to avoid displaying on user profile pages when site wide is selected

  • ANSUP-13054 Updates to correct behavior of followed items for groups so that members of the group will show the updated follow relationships

  • Update to the User page in admin to allow an admin to manage the auth mode for the user (attached SSO identifier). Previously, this could be deleted, but now can be manually added to allow an admin to manually connect an AnswerHub user to a particular SSO auth value.

  • Updates to incoming email functionality to support reply by email for all content types:

    • Reply to notifications of a new questions with email, results in an Answer being posted
    • Reply to Answer notifications with email results in a comment on the Answer
    • Reply to a New Idea notification with email results in a comment on the idea
    • Reply to a New article notification with email results in a comment on the idea
    • Reply to Comment notifications with email results in a threaded comment