2.27.2 Release Notes

March 21st, 2022


The 2.27.2 maintenance releases delivers a number of minor fixes and enhancements to improve AnswerHub usability. These updates improve Froala editor functionality and formatting, topic handling, suggested space selections when creating / moving content, accessibility, and enhancement to reply by email functionality.

Change Log

  • MSAH-1953 Accessibility update to address Narrator / NVDA in scan mode reading label names for likes and comments

  • MSAH-1913 Addressed potential case of use profile updates via API with Cookie SSO being recorded in actions table with a c_realUser value of 2

  • ANSUP-14067 Logic update to prevent spaces marked as hidden from navigation from being offered to users as potential target spaces when creating or moving content

  • ANSUP-14415 Updated styling of navigation breadcrumbs and personalized feed for Mobile Responsive view

  • ANSUP-14315 Addressed Numbered list formatting for improved readability in Froala

  • ANSUP-14643 Updated Froala to version 3.2.7 and resolved line break issues reported with some IOS versions and devices

  • ANSUP-12236 Updated logic to resolve inaccurate answer counts when answer is voted on and then converted to a comment

  • ANSUP-14519 Resolved UI errors / functionality for moving content from child to parent space in "All Content" pages in the admin.

  • ANSUP-14489 Improved styling for insert link and image upload UI

  • ANSUP-14545 Updated Topic functionality to prevent previously merged topics (that were merged into other topics) from being offered to users in the look ahead / drop

  • ANSUP-14697 Resolved UI formatting issue where long string values in extended property fields are used on user profile pages

  • Update & Enhance incoming mail functionality so that replies made to notification emails on new questions are posted as an answer, replies to answers are posted as comments, and replies to ideas, articles and comments are posted as comments.

  • Update to WMD Markdown editor workflow to allow resizing of cover images