2.27.4 Release Notes

April 15th, 2022


The 2.27.4 maintenance releases delivers a priority fix for duplicate search results, several minor fixes and new capabilities to allow AnswerHub to store settings used by OneTrust cookie management solution.

Change Log

  • ANSUP-14742 - Resolved an issue when content from Custom Web Panels that are set to site wide display appeared unexpectedly on user profile pages. We have made a note that being able to target custom web panels to profile pages could be a desirable feature and have added this to our feature backlog for consideration.

  • ANSUP-12463 Updated handling of parent / child articles so that User permissions for the space are considered

  • ANSUP-14758, 14772, 14737, 14740, 14827 - Resolved multiple customer reports of duplicate content in returned search results.

  • Update to Page View count in analytics to remove node views. This is part of ongoing work to improve accuracy and consistency of reported page views.