2.27.5 Release Notes

April 29th, 2022


The 2.27.5 maintenance release addresses several small bugs in analytics, and UI issues with Froala editor.

Change Log

  • ANSUP-14824 resolved issue with community reactions (voting results) widget not showing on the user analytics dashboard

  • ANSUP-14790 - Resolved issue with the preview / source buttons on Froala editor where clicking the same button repeatedly caused the same effect as clicking the other button.

  • ANSUP-14782 - Resolved issue where "bad request" dialog box was presented in error when sending content to moderation from the gear menu on questions

  • ANSUP-14788 Resolved issue when clicking "write an answer" link at the top of the answers section opens the froala editor box but requires an additional click in the editor box to place the cursor to begin composing the answer. With this update, clicking the link now opens the editor box and makes it active.

  • Resolved issue where additional white space padding was added on 'Content' analytics dashboard when toggling between day / week / month timeframes by pressing day / week / month buttons

  • Update to Page View count in analytics to remove node views. This is part of ongoing work to improve accuracy and consistency of reported page views.

  • Resolved issue with total content count not displaying or displaying "NaN" (not a number) in cases where total content of questions, articles, ideas was greater than 10,000