2.27.6 Release Notes

May 13, 2022


The 2.27.6 maintenance release addresses multiple issues with analytic dashboard widgets, time range advanced analytics, and a potential user profile vulnerability.

Change Log

  • ANSUP-14875 Resolved a potential vulnerability where a BURP interception could be used to temporarily modify user profile page and change the plug in the URI.

  • ANSUP-14913 Resolved issue with preview button function in the WMD Markdown editor

  • ANSUP-14824 Resolved issue where the recently earned badges widget did not properly display on the user analytics dashboard. The widget did not properly populate with badge name and the avatars for users who recently earned that badge.

  • Updated the display logic for Advanced analytic reports to improve accuracy of the returned results and alignment with dates in which the actions occurred. Improvements in accuracy and labeling of results should be event in last year by month, last month by week, last week by day, last day by hour and custom date ranges. We are continuing work on "Last week by hour" which may not return results reliably.

  • Resolved an issue where "NaN" (Not a number) was displayed on the top posts widget on the main admin analytic dashboard and the content dashboard in communities that previously made use of Articles/KB or Ideas and then subsequently disabled those plugins. Following this update, disabling those plugins will prevent results for that content type from being displayed in dashboards.

  • Enhanced "Top Posts this Week" widget on main Analytics dashboard so that the top post titles are clickable links so that admins can click through to review the most active content. This widget was also optimized to improve load times in communities with high volume of content.

  • Updated analytics to ensure proper display of the total posts widget on the main dashboard. This affected a limited number of clients with very large community data sets.