2.28.0 Release Notes

May 26, 2022


The 2.28.0 feature release includes new capabilities for configuring the use of public and private questions, articles, and ideas and expanded configurability for articles and ideas with min and max topics allowed. Learn more about the expanded configurability of public / private content options for Questions, Articles, Ideas here

A new feature "Outdated Content" is now available. This first release of the feature allows users to flag questions, articles and ideas as potentially out of date and in need of review. Once flagged, a banner indicating that the content is potentially out of date and under review is displayed for all users. A new "Outdated" tab is present in the moderation queue to enable moderators to review the reported content and clear the report or update the content. A new moderator permission is provided to allow configurability in managing review of content by moderators or other custom groups, and this can be allocated to particular spaces to align responsibilities for content in client organizations. Users with the permission to manage / review outdated content can receive notifications when content is flagged as outdated so they can review and update quickly.
Learn more about the new Outdated Content Feature

Change Log

  • ANSUP-14717 Enhanced functionality so that users who can create / update private nodes are able to see their private notes in content lists. This complements the ability of moderators and other users with permission to see any private node to see private content on the main index, space and topic pages, and other list page types.

  • ANSUP-14732 Enhanced functionality so that questions, articles and Ideas now all have the same functionality with public / private settings while they are being created (via a check box) and have the option for the author to change from public to private or private to public after publication as an option on the gear menu.

  • MSAH-12397 Address Accessibility issue with NVDA screen reader not correctly reading changed button name when delete / undelete button is pressed.

  • Updated source filter in advanced analytics for content overview, when content type is set to questions, answer or comment, and source selection is set to AnswerHub / teams / slack to ensure that content of that type is correctly attributed to the proper originating platform.