2.28.2 Release Notes

July 13, 2022


The 2.28.2 maintenance release includes a number of fixes and minor enhancements that were originally introduced in 2.28.1 including the ability to now delete custom groups that are no longer needed. The delete process provides the opportunity to re-assign users to another group or to simply remove them from the group being deleted. Users who were only a member of the group being deleted will be re-assigned to the 'user' group if no other group is specified.

New Analytics Features

The analytics dashboards have been updated to add additional timescale selectors for "year" and "all time" to provide easy one click comparisons with "day", "week", and "month" options. The dashboard on the admin home page now includes the ability to select the time ranges; it was previously static and reflected the status of the last 7 days (week).

The user engagement panel on the main, user, and site dashboards has been enhanced to more fully depict user account status so community managers can easily understand for the selected time period, how many users were contributing, signed in and passively reading the site, did not log in (inactive), were suspended or had their accounts deactivated.

Change Log

  • Updated the logic for unique user advanced analytics to improve accuracy and resolve an error introduced in 2.28.0 related to calculation of date ranges in the report.

  • Updated logic that provides cumulative user count (total user count less deactivated users) to ensure accuracy

  • Updated recently released outdated content feature so that the UI link on all posts to report outdated is shown for all users that have permission to report content. (This differs from the new permission to view/manage outdated content which provides access to the outdated tab in the moderation tab). This change ensures regular users have the report outdated link in the UI.

  • MSAH-1740 / ANSUP-14103 Resolved issue where "send me a copy" option on ask an expert was not sending a copy notification to the user who was asking the expert.

  • ANSUP-12442 Resolved deliver issue with email notifications when content is sent to moderation.

  • ANSUP-14924 Updated admin Min topics to ensure at least a value of 1 minimum topic. All AnswerHub content requires a minimum of one topic for association.

  • ANSUP-14717 Update node privacy settings so that users with permission to switch public / private settings on their own content (questions, articles, ideas) can see their private content in list views.

  • ANSUP-14230 Investigated issue in which articles with large attachments were not indexed. Update logic so that if any content has attachments greater than 10MB, the content will be indexed, but not the attachments. Added advisory tool tips in admin search config page and admin attachment settings.

  • ANSUP-14103 Addressed issue preventing "Send me a copy" notification function in ask an expert feature