2.28.7 Release Notes

September 8th, 2022


The 2.28.7 release includes several Feature Enhancements and multiple updates and small enhancements.

Feature Enhancement - In previous versions, users could find a list of all unanswered questions by navigating to the all questions list and then selecting unanswered. With this feature update in 2.28.7, the Unanswered option is provided on the main index page and also in the personalized feed menu (when personalized feed is enabled) to display options for all unanswered and my unanswered questions. Additionally, the unanswered option appears on topic and space pages, listing only the unanswered questions in that space, or tagged with that particular topic. This will aid communities where moderation and response responsibilities may be organized by space or topics.

Feature Enhancement - Answers and Comments will now have specific URIs that allow them to be shared as specific links, for notifications to be enhanced so that when notification links are clicked, the page opens with focus on the specific comment or Answer. The action verbs (edited, posted, commented, answered) found on the index and other content lists will now allow the user to click the verb to jump to the most recent answer / comment in the thread.

This release also introduces a new back end page view tracking mechanism which will return page view (traffic) metrics that will be more closely aligned with results returned in Google Analytics. As this will not affect historical page view data, any changes to reported page views will be reflected in time periods following the deployment of 2.28.7


  • ANSUP-15080 Resolved issue where max topics value for articles setting in admin was not enforced in UI

  • ANSUP-15025 Resolved a display conflict in which the "report outdated content" links were not shown in the UI when Theme Variation settings were set to Vote instead of Like.

  • ANSUP-15076 Resolved a potential vulnerability with the bio / about me field on user profile page

  • ANSUP-11972 Addressed potential vulnerability by dis-allowing SVG file types

  • MSAH-1976 Updated accessibility to address close button for publish success message not being accessible through keyboard controls

  • MSAH-2002 Updated accessibility to ensure text edit field for parent article is accessible via keyboard when creating or editing an article