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JIRA Integration v1 Release Notes

3 years ago by Michelle Ocampo

July 11, 2018
You can now integrate JIRA into your AnswerHub community for versions 1.6.5, 1.6.6 and 1.8 plus!


  • JIRA integration for the JIRA Software Cloud is now available.
  • New interactions with the AnswerHub REST API for JIRA.
  • Admin configuration changes to the administration dashboard.
  • UI impact changes in AnswerHub.

New Feature Descriptions

What you can do with the REST API

  • AnswerHub REST API for JIRA can be queried to return information about projects, tasks, tickets and the optional and required fields for their creation.
  • AnswerHub REST API for JIRA provides an efficient way to POST and UPDATE tasks.


To Find JIRA Integration endpoints:

See the Reference Docs and scroll to or search for the Jira Integration category.

Admin Configuration Changes

  • Enable the plugin to see the new JIRA API Integration tab in AdminDashboard>Site>General.
  • Each Jira submission ticket will be tracked with the same “Reporter” user-author, and it will be configurable, in a new AnswerHub admin page.
  • 1.6.5, 1.6.6: AdminDashboard>Site>JIRA API Integration
  • 1.8.3: AdminDashboard>Site>Genral>JIRA API Integration
  • To show "Submit to Jira" option on the menu gear icon for any question body page, you need to provide a custom role in your admin dashboard.
  • 1.6.5, 1.6.6: AdminDashboard>UsersandGroups>CustomRoles, then add the custom role.
  • Must add ROLE_SUBMIT_JIRA_TICKET for the Name field and Submit Jira Ticket for the Label field.
    -1.8.3: AdminDashboard>UsersandGroups>Manage>CustomRoles, then add the custom role.
  • Must add ROLE_SUBMIT_JIRA_TICKET for the Name field and Submit Jira Ticket for the Label field.


To Find Documentation on the JIRA Integration:

See the Integrations and Plugins section in the Get Started section for more details on how to integrate JIRA into your AnswerHub community.

UI Impact Changes

  • New AnswerHub command called “Send To JIRA” added for questions.
  • You can access the new option from an AnswerHub question by pressing the menu gear icon.
  • A modal window with a form to fill out should pop up to submit a ticket to JIRA.
  • A successful JIRA submission will result in a new link next to the question page.


  • added: TR-2342 Jira Plugin – Allows a customer to create a Jira ticket directly from an AnswerHub question.
  • added: TR-2291 MixPanel Migration Tool – Allows a customer to update historical events into MixPanel.
  • improved: ACU-131 Performance Improvements – Improves performance while browsing content.