Admin Guide Introduction

Here you will learn about the Administration Console/Dashboard and all the features within each of the categories.


This guide will take you through an overview of the AnswerHub platform and introduce you to the administration dashboard. You will learn how to perform any tasks associated with the administration dashboard in the AnswerHub platform. We design this administrator guide for the AnswerHub site administrator.

Using the Navigation Tree To Understand Your Admin Dashboard

The outline in the navigation tree lays out the categories in the dashboard and the menus under each category. To view all the menus, sub-menus, and tabs within each category, you can click on the menus.

Important To Note

As an administrator, it will be important for you to learn about permissions and understand how they work in AnswerHub. Permissions can be very granular and you can apply them to an individual user and/or through group memberships.

  1. See the Full Permissions List to read through all of the permissions.
  2. Reading through the Permissions & Configurations Training: Granular Permissions for Roles, Users, Groups & Spaces will provide more detail, use cases, and examples.

What’s Next