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Getting Started Guide and typographical conventions.


This guide will walk you through the process of getting your AnswerHub community setup. First, you will start with the customer engagement lifecycle to gain a high-level overview of the on-boarding process and community lifecycle. Next, you will learn about the important features/tools in AnswerHub, how to use them, and different use cases. Finally, by the end of the training, you will be able to go through the necessary steps to tailor your AnswerHub site to your specific community needs with confidence.

Typographical Conventions




Introduces new terms with which you may not be familiar.
Also used occasionally for emphasis.


Emphasizes important information. Also indicates button, menu, and icon names on which you can act. For example, click Next.


Indicates keys or key combinations that you can use. For example, press the ENTER key.
Also used for SQL reserved words.


Indicates syntax examples, values that you
specify, or results that you receive.


Indicates names that are placeholders for values that you specify.

forward slash /

Separates menus and their associated commands. For example, Select File / Copy means that you should select Copy from the File menu.
The slash also separates directory levels when specifying locations under UNIX.

angled brackets < >

Macros in FreeMarker as specified using this notation, combined with this @ or # symbol inside of < >. E.g. <@macro />

vertical rule |

Indicates an "OR" separator used to delineate items.

brackets [ ]

Indicates optional items. For example, in the following statement: SELECT [DISTINCT], DISTINCT is an optional keyword.
Also indicates sections of the Windows Registry.

braces { }

Indicates that you must select one item. For example, {yes | no} means that you must specify either yes or no.

ellipsis . . .

Indicates the immediately preceding item is repeatable any number of times in succession. An ellipsis following a closing bracket indicates all information in that unit is repeatable.

Supported Browsers

We support the latest versions for the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • IE 11

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