AnswerHub Moderator User Interface


You can access the Moderator UI from the menu bar at the top of your AnswerHub community UI. Navigate to your user profile Avatar and select the drop-down, then select Moderation. The moderation page is only viewable by users who have the appropriate moderation permissions. The page displays automatically filtered content and user reported content in moderation.

Moderated and Reported Content Queues

Actions Available in Both the Moderation and Reported Tabs

  • The ability to suspend the user who authored the content waiting for moderation.
  • The ability to delete all content in the system authored by a particular user
  • The ability to Filter by Spaces.

Types of Filters Available in Each Tab

The type of filters available to you will depend on which tab you select. There is a Moderation tab and a Reported tab.

Sort Order Feature Available in Each Tab

  • The ability to sort the queue by when the content was reported, marked as spam, or sent to moderation
  • The ability to sort newest or oldest first (based on when moderation / spam / reported action was taken or to group by user to easily identify behavior patterns of users with lots of reports or content in moderation.

Moderation Tab

You can change the queue type by selecting In moderation, Waiting reply, Replied or Rejected from the queue drop-down.

There is also a filter for the spaces in the Moderation tab. All your existing spaces display with a checkbox next to it and if you do not select any specific spaces, then content from all spaces waiting for moderation will display.

Reported Tab

You will see the same "Filter by Spaces" section like the one seen in the Moderation tab.

Actions Specific to Each Tab

Moderation Tab

  • Publish content in the queue
  • Reject content in the queue
  • Ask an Expert
  • Mark as Spam (If Akismet plugin is enabled)

Reported Tab

  • Cancel reported content
  • Delete reported content
  • Send to Spam (If Askismet plugin is enabled)



You can also access the User Preferences UI, and moderate a user.



When you click the Avatar drop-down menu on your community UI, there are two numbers that will appear beside the Moderation (x/y) selection. The first number indicates the number of posts awaiting moderation. The second number indicates the number of reported content awaiting moderation.

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