Authentication And Headers

To pull information from our API, you must have a registered username and password with the correct permissions for the request you are making. You can find specific permissions per endpoint in the orange notes within each endpoint description.

All AnswerHub REST API requests must contain the following headers:

  • Authorization (either base64 encoded, or human-readable basic authorization).
    For example:

    • -H "Authorization: Basic YW5zd2VyaHViOmFuc3dlcmh1Yg=="
    • -u username: password
  • Accept
    For example:

    • -H "Accept: application/json"
  • Content
    For example:

    • -H "Content-type: application/json"
  • For operations that use the GET HTTP method, the Accept HTTP header specifies an ordered list of MIME types that are acceptable by the client.