Cache Management

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Site > Optimization > Cache Management


You can perform the following on this page:

  • Check the status of any cache on your AnswerHub site.
  • Clear the AnswerHub cache.

Check Cache Status

The AnswerHub platform will automatically save some information from user interactions with the site. This cached information allows the site to quickly access any imported information and changes. From the Cache Settings page, you can view the current status of any cache on your AnswerHub site.



Your AnswerHub site should automatically update its own cache on an as-needed basis. Under normal circumstances, unless you make a change to AnswerHub that affects its functionality, you won’t use Cache Settings.

Clear AnswerHub Cache

If your imports (such as new badge icons) do not display on your AnswerHub site, you can manually flush the current cache so the changes will display on your site.



Clear your cache when a change affects your AnswerHub functionality (for example, after installing new plugins or reformatting your theme).

Each type of cache has a FLUSH button at the end of the row. To clear an individual cache, locate the cache you need to clear from the Cache Settings table and click the respective FLUSH button to the right of the cache’s name. A successful flush will result in a green bar at the top of the page with a message that reads "[Cache] was successfully cleared."


Before You Press the "FLUSH ALL" Button...Read the Message Below:

Do not attempt to clear the entire site’s cache unless completely necessary. Flushing all of a site’s caches, especially on a site with a lot of content, can potentially slow the entire site down while the system repopulates the cache.

To clear the entire site's cache, click the FLUSH ALL button in the top right corner of the Cache Settings table. A successful entire site cache clearing will result in a green bar at the top of the page with a message that reads "All caches successfully cleared."

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