Content Consolidation


Beginning with version 2.3.1, we allow users with the Manage Consolidation custom permission to consolidate questions and their respective comments and answers into an article.

Admin Console Changes

  • We have added the content Consolidation plugin.
  • You now can add the custom role, "ROLE_MANAGE_CONSOLIDATIONS," to include the Manage Consolidations Custom Roles permission.
  • Manage Consolidations Custom Roles permission displays under the "Custom Roles" section in the "Advanced Editor" permissions list.
  • Content Consolidation menu displays upon enabling the plugin, displaying two tabs: Configure and Manage:
    • Configure Tab: In this tab, the admin will establish the minimum criteria to enable the consolidation option on a question post by entering numeric values for the number of answers, views, and likes. Once a user with the Manage Consolidation permission meets any of the configured numeric values, that user can then view and select the Consolidate to an article option.
    • Manage Tab: This tab provides a tabular view of the consolidated posts converted into articles.
      • There are four columns in the table:
        • Community Page: The question titles display as links to the questions eligible to consolidate based on the configured settings.
        • Type: The content type (currently only Questions are available for consolidation into an article).
        • Date Posted: The date the Question posted.
        • Date Eligible: The date the Question became eligible for consolidation based on the configured settings.

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Content > Control > Content Consolidation

Enable the Plugin

To enable the Content Consolidations plugin, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Plugins > Manage Plugins.
  2. Select the Disabled Plugins tab.
  3. Select Consolidation.
  4. Click the ENABLE button.
    Result: The Content Consolidation plugin should now show up in the Enabled Plugins tab.

Enabling Permissions

Users must have the "Manage Consolidations" permission granted in order to use this feature. This permission is found in the custom roles section. The permission is inherited in a default off state. This permission may be granted or unlocked by permission for all users by making the change in the user group permissions, or granted or unlocked by making changes to other specific groups. As with other permissions, this capability may be granted site wide or enabled for specific spaces.

Recommended Setup

Select groups to grant the Manage Consolidations permission. Grant to administrative, moderator, or a newly created expert group specifically for consolidating Questions, Comments, and Answers.

  • Default Configuration settings:
    • Number of Answers: 15
    • Number of Views: 300
    • Number of Likes: 20

Community UI Changes

Anyone with the Manage Consolidation permission can view and select the Consolidate to an article option from the Question gear icon. This option will appear on questions on spaces where the user has the permission and the question meets all the criteria of the consolidation settings in the admin. This option consolidates the Question and respective Comments and Answers from the individual post into one text element as an article.

The article will convert the question components as follows:

  • The Question title as the article title.
  • The Comments and tags as the upper part of the article body.
  • The Answers at the bottom of the body.

After finalizing the consolidation process, this special post will become an article. The original question post will no longer exist as a question in the space it initially posted. The new article will display the authors of the original posted Question, Comments, and Answers, the user who consolidated the post and the date of consolidation.



Please note, once you delete the user via a hard delete, the system also removes the reference in the consolidation table. The user who performed the consolidation is also lost.

API Updates

Future Feature - Analytics Updates

  • Tracking the number of Questions consolidated and converted into an article will be available through the analytics panel.
  • The system will track consolidated Questions per space through analytics.

What’s Next