Content Permissions

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Content > Control Menu > Content Permissions


This menu allows you to set or modify a group's permissions for any space from within the Content Permissions page. You will also find options to show this content type in the content lists and the Hide Moderator edit options here as well.

Configure Each Content Type

There are three content type tabs:

  • Kbentry (Articles)
  • Question
  • Iidea

Each tab contains the same sections, as follows:

  • A Show in content lists checkbox
  • A Hide Moderator edit checked by default checkbox
  • A "Site and spaces" section

Show in Content Lists

When you select this checkbox, the specific content type will show up in the content lists in every space. All the content displayed as a feed in the main section of the community makes up the content list.

Hide Moderator Edit Checked by Default

In the admin console, there is a checkbox added to the Control > Content Permissions menu. This will set the default state of the checkbox in the community UI to always selected.

  • A new permission called Hide moderator edit under the Advanced Permissions "Moderation roles" section will grant moderators the opportunity to see the checkbox to hide their edits in the community UI.
  • If your community will be heavily moderated, you may want to grant this new moderation permission to avoid having edited content bump up to the top of the content list, update the avatar and last action thread on list views, due to the moderator's revisions.

To see more detailed documentation on this feature, navigate to the Hidden Moderator Edit Documentation.

Site and Spaces

This section allows you to enable or disable access to this content type for the built-in groups using standard levels. For advanced setup, please use the group configuration pages.

Disabling Content Type in Each Tab for Specific Spaces:
For this example, we will use the kbentry tab. Selecting the Disable link for the Default space under the kbentry tab will do the following:

  • Edit the CREATE button drop-down; you will not see the option to create an article in the Default space and any of its child spaces.
  • Articles won't show up in the content list feed for the selected disabled space; in this case, the Default space and any of its child spaces.
  • Existing articles in the default space prior to disabling the content for that space and any of its child spaces, won't show up in the content navigation tree (vertical tree diagram) when you select Articles from the drop-down.
  • The option to choose the disabled article will not be available in the select a space for your article drop-down when you click the CREATE AN ARTICLE button.
  • Articles created in other spaces that you have not disabled, will still show up in the content navigation tree (vertical tree diagram) and in those specific spaces.

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