Custom Roles

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Users & Groups > Manage Menu > Custom Roles


The custom roles are used to create custom permissions for your community. Certain plugins will need specific custom roles to use.

Add a Custom Role

Locate the "Add a Custom Role" form on the right-hand side of the Custom Roles page.

Fill in the Name and the Label for the Custom Role and click the ADD button to save it and add it to the custom roles list. The name field will be the name of the custom role and will not show in the custom roles permission list. The label field describes the new custom role/permission, and it will show in the custom roles permission list.



To include spaces in the custom role name, you must use underscores in place of the space.

Remove a Custom Role

To remove a custom role, locate the custom role name and then select the trashcan icon to the right of the custom role name and label.

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