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Here you can review our plugins list.

Currently, in our 1.8+ versions of AnswerHub, there are 28 default plugins and other available plugins to enable in the Admin Console under the Manage Plugins menu.

We updated the documentation to apply to AnswerHub version 1.8+. All documentation for the plugins and integrations should always work with the latest version of AnswerHub. If you find this is not the case, then please file a bug on the Success Portal and we will update the documentation in a timely fashion.



AnswerHub plugins may incur an additional fee.

Default Plugins Included

Advanced Analytics Package V2
Cookie-SSO Auth
Core Widgets
Custom Header Footer
Elastic Search
Favorite Spaces
Froala Editor
GDPR Support
Google Tag Manager
Jira API Integration
Knowledge Base (KB)
LDAP Authentication
Markdown Support
OSQA Awards
Password Management
Personalized Feed
reCAPTCHA Support
SEO Support
Shield Plugin
Slack Integration
TeamHub Awards
THub Theme
THUB Compatibility Themes

Additional Plugins Included With On-Premise Package

Amazon S3 Storage
Azure Search
Azure Storage

Additional Plugins

Landing Page
OpenId Connect Authentication

*You must purchase this to include it in your AnswerHub community.

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Manage Plugins Menu

Here you can review our plugins list.

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