Favorite Spaces Plugin

This plugin allows users in the community to select favorite spaces to display in a separate list from all the spaces.

Overview of Favorite Spaces

The favorite-spaces plugin is a default plugin for AnswerHub. When you enable the plugin, the users in the community can separate their favorite spaces from all the other spaces for easier navigation through the spaces.

Location of Favorite Spaces in the Community

Enabling the plugin won't automatically show a "Favorite Spaces" section in the side panel to the community users.

Conditions before seeing the "Favorite Spaces" section:

  • Enabled favorite-spaces plugin.
  • Select the "All Spaces" link below the "Navigation" section on the right-side panel to open a drop-down list of all the available spaces for the community.
  • Select the stars to the right of each of the spaces to designate them as favorites.

Once you meet the pre-requisites, the "Favorite Spaces" section will appear on the right-side panel on the community home page. The "Favorite Spaces" section title will display directly below the "Navigation" section and display the list of selected favorite spaces.

What’s Next