Hidden Moderator Edit

It allows Moderators to make edits without affecting the content list sorting, updating the avatar and last action thread on list views for Questions, Articles, and Ideas. Also known as "ghost edit" in the API.


A new permission called "Hide moderator edit" under the Advanced Permissions Moderation roles section will grant moderators the opportunity to see the checkbox to hide their edits in the community UI. If your community will be heavily moderated, you may want to grant this new moderation permission to avoid having edited content bump up to the top of the content list, update the avatar and last action thread on list views due to the moderator's revisions. This feature is available for questions, articles, and ideas. A new checkbox in the admin console will allow the admin to either select or not select the checkbox; the admin selected checkbox will always have the community UI checkbox selected while not selecting the admin checkbox will leave the community UI checkbox unselected by default.

Core Components

  • The admin console will have a checkbox for the admin to choose whether they want the community UI checkbox always selected as the default. This makes every moderator edit hidden without the moderator manually selecting to hide their edit.
  • New custom permission in the admin console to grant to moderators, allowing them to select the Hide Moderator Edit checkbox in the community UI.
  • If the moderator with the new custom permission selects the Hide Moderator Edit checkbox in the community UI, edits from the moderator will not bump Questions, Articles, or Ideas to the top of the queue. It also will not update the avatar or last action thread on list views when a user with this granted permission performs the edit action.

Updates in the Admin Console

  • We will add a checkbox in the EDIT screens for Questions, Articles, and Ideas when you grant the Hide Moderator Edit permission, in the Moderation roles section in Advanced Permissions, to the moderator.
  • In the admin console, there is a checkbox added to the Control > Content Permissions menu. This sets the default state of the checkbox in the community UI to always selected.

Updates in the Community UI

  • If the Admin decided not to select the checkbox in the admin console, the community UI checkbox will be available to select manually each time a moderator with the granted permission edits a Question, Article, or Idea content.
  • The checkbox will be next to the text called Moderator Edit and will have a question mark tooltip explaining what it means when you select this checkbox.
  • We will make a tooltip next to the moderator edit checkbox (as a question mark icon) and will read, "When selected, the edit will not update the last edit entry. As a result, any edits by a moderator will not reflect that the item was changed.”
  • The last edit date will not update when using the ghost edit. The sort on the main page will not update when a moderator edits a post.
  • The system will gray out the Update Summary Text Field and Notify Followers checkboxes in the community UI and you will not be able to select them when you select the Moderator Edit checkbox.

Updates to the API

Update to Analytics

We will add Moderator Edit Actions to Mixpanel. A differentiation between hidden moderator edits and normal edits will not be available for queries.

What’s Next