Idea Configuration

Learn about General Settings, Attachment Settings, Custom Node Metadata, Idea Configuration, and Idea Workflow.

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Content > Node Structure > Idea Configuration


There are two ways to configure the idea node on this page. One is for the initial votes granted to users, and the other is to allow downvoting for ideas.

Configurable Portions

Initial Votes Granted to Users

This value determines the number of votes the user can use, and once they hit that numeric value, they will need to earn votes.

  • Enter -1 for unlimited votes.
  • Enter any other desired numeric value to allow that value of initial votes granted to users.

Allow Down Votes on Ideas

Selecting this checkbox will allow users to downvote on Ideas. Sometimes this can discourage participation. Determine if this behavior will fit with your type of community before enabling this feature.

Click the SAVE SETTINGS button after making your changes.

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