Incoming Mail Settings

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Site > Notificatons > Incoming Mail Settings


AnswerHub’s Incoming Mail Settings allow users to respond to questions, answers, and comments via their own email. AnswerHub can take users’ replies from their IMAP or POP mailbox and turn them into new answers or comments.

There are three main sections on the page: Configure Email Responses, Email Options, and Test Mail Settings.

Configure Email Responses

The "Server" tab is pre-selected by default when you arrive at the "Incoming Mail Settings" page.

Server Tab

  1. Incoming Mail Server: The URL of the server hosting your email address.
  2. Incoming Mail Username: The username you would like to use for your incoming mail in the form of an email address.



The username you enter in the Incoming Mail Username field must correspond with the From Address on the Outgoing Mail Settings page.

  1. Incoming Mail Password: The password you would like to use for your incoming mail.



The password you enter in this field must match the password you are using in Outgoing Mail.

  • To clear the previously saved password, select the Clear Password checkbox.
  1. Incoming Mail Account Type drop-down menu: Select either IMAP or POP to indicate the account mail type.
  2. Incoming Mail Server Port: Enter the numeric value of the incoming mail server port.
  3. Regular Expression for Additional Email Signature Matching: Enter any applicable regular expressions for additional email signature matching.
  4. Click the SAVE CHANGES button.



Be sure that the From Address used on the Outgoing Mail Settings page is not a "[email protected]" email address. Otherwise, users may not think they can respond to these emails.

Addresses by Space

Normally incoming mail sent to your AnswerHub site gets posted to the default space (which default users can view). However, you can also set up your incoming mail settings so content posts in specific spaces. Content sent to these email addresses will only post in the space you set it for.

For each space listed in this tab, enter an email address and then click the SAVE CHANGES button.
A successful save will result in a green bar at the top of the page with a message that reads "Successfully edited incoming mail settings."

Email Options

Here you can select the Activate Incoming Mail Processing checkbox and click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Test Mail Settings

You can send a test email to confirm that your mail settings are working as expected by clicking the TEST INCOMING MAIL button.

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