Manage Search

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Site > Optimization > Manage Search


The Search Settings and Status page allows you to view the indexing data of your AnswerHub site, exercise fine-grained control over search functions and index specific searches so the site can perform them faster. There are two tabs called Statistics and Operations on this page.


Here you can Rebuild your AnswerHub Index:
Sometimes when you make changes to your AnswerHub site, such as importing information, you will need to rebuild your index. Also, if you are having issues with your search functionality, rebuilding your index may resolve the issue.

Here you will find the following text fields and checkboxes to fill out or select:

  1. Server: Name the elastic search server here.
  2. Collection: Name of the collection that would hold all of your search indexes.
  3. Integration mode (index data only, no search)
  4. Use single index type
  5. Index users: The default automatically sets this to true to index users.
  6. Index topics: The default automatically sets this to true to index topics.
  7. Use custom mapping
  8. Highlight Pre Tag
  9. Highlight Post Tag
  10. Stemmed property name
  11. Raw Multiplier
  12. Read timeout

Click the SAVE CHANGES button once you have configured the search settings.

Once you finish making changes to your search index settings, you will need to select the Operations tab to rebuild your index.


Click the REBUILD SEARCH INDEX button.

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