Manage Themes

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Site > Layout > Manage Themes


You can adjust how the AnswerHub User Interface displays to your users. Themes are used to change the layout and look of your community. You can select a new theme from a few of our pre-existing options. We base all our pre-existing themes on the default TeamHub theme and acts as the base for all custom themes.

You can perform the following actions on the Manage Themes page:

  • Select an AnswerHub Theme
  • Clear Compiled LESS

Select an AnswerHub Theme

If you have recently added a new theme to the list of available themes, click the REFRESH THEMES button. A successful refresh will display a green bar at the top of the page that reads "The available themes list was successfully refreshed."

Select a theme from the list of available themes and click the ACTIVATE button beneath the theme. Successful activation of the theme will display a green bar at the top of the page that reads "Theme, [theme name], was successfully activated."



The change will be instant and site-wide. Every user on the site will see the new theme when they load a new page. Changing your AnswerHub site’s theme may affect certain features. If you are running v1.8 or higher, wee give you two options. Each choice is our stock TeamHub based theme, however, one is running on a Redactor based editor while the other is running on a WMD Markdown, or WYSIWYG, editor.

Click the BACK TO SITE button to see your new theme change for your AnswerHub community.

Clear Compiled LESS

AnswerHub uses the LESS Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) pre-processor to generate CSS styles for the AnswerHub built-in themes and custom themes. When making changes to a LESS file, it is important to recompile the file so it can generate new CSS files. The Clear Compiled LESS option removes any previously generated CSS files, forcing LESS to recompile. This process may take a few minutes, so style changes may not display right away.



You should typically do this at a time when there isn’t a large amount of community traffic/usage.

To clear compiled LESS, click the RECOMPILE LESS button. Successful recompilation of LESS results in a green bar at the top of the page that reads "A LESS recompilation has been requested. Please check your site in a few seconds."


Some Themes are Deprecated for Versions Earlier than 1.8:

If your site is running on a version earlier than v1.8, you will notice a handful of additional options. Please refrain from enabling these themes as we have deprecated them and they are no longer supported by our team. Enabling them may result in a loss of some functionality.

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