Moderator Guide Introduction

We updated the documentation to apply to AnswerHub version 1.8+. All documentation for the moderator guide should always work with the latest version of AnswerHub. If you find this is not the case, please file a bug on the success portal and we will update the documentation in a timely fashion.


You will learn how to perform any tasks associated with the moderator role in the AnswerHub platform. The majority of the moderator roles get done in the community UI, but sometimes site admins select a few moderators to have some admin permissions.


A moderator is a user responsible for controlling the content posted to the AnswerHub community site. To suit the varied needs of the many communities supported by AnswerHub, you can customize the way moderation functions in several ways. The type of content available for you to moderate is dependent on the plugins installed and enabled on your site. Content can include Questions, Answers, Comments, Articles, and Ideas.

Important to Note

As an administrator or moderator, it will be important for you to learn about permissions and understand how they work in AnswerHub. Permissions can be very granular and you can apply them to an individual user and/or through group memberships.

  1. See the Full Permissions List to read through all the permissions.
  2. Reading through the Permissions & Configurations Training: Granular Permissions for Roles, Users, Groups & Spaces will provide more detail, use cases, and examples.

What’s Next