Settings - Original Poster

This feature will apply to customers on 2.8+ version and who have a theme built on the base theme (thub), not the compatibility themes (thub-166 themes).


AnswerHub now offers a configuration option to allow admin users to decide how users get credited in content list views. Posts can highlight either original content creator or the user who most recently contributed to the content (edited, commented, answered, etc.).



Only users within the super user and admin groups can access the navigation site settings.

The existing functionality is that posts display only the avatar, username, type of action, and time/date stamp for the most recent action performed. This will remain the default functionality unless you enable the “Display Avatar of Original Poster in Content Lists” option in the admin panel.

When you enable the “Display Avatar of Original Poster in Content Lists” option, all post types will display both the original creation action and the last action taken on the post. We will also feature the original poster’s avatar, where we previously showed the avatar of the last contributing user. This change impacts all content listed in the main feed (including Questions, Ideas, Articles), regardless of applied filters and sorts. We will display the following for each post:

  • The original poster’s avatar and username. When hovering over either their avatar or username, a mini-card displays with the user’s details.
  • The time/date when the user originally created the post.
  • The member who most recently interacted with the content, reflecting the nature of the interaction (answered, commented, edited, etc.) When hovering over their name, AnswerHub shows the user mini-card.
  • The date when the post was last updated.
  • The name of the space containing the post.
  • The post title as a link.

Using alter-egos will be consistent with postings. The original and last actions appear as if the impersonated user had contributed the content.

The following is a list of impacted pages:

  • Search
  • Topic Details
  • Questions (from the Explore menu)
  • Ideas (from the Explore menu)
  • Articles (from the Explore menu)
  • Spaces (from the Spaces menu)



Changes will not impact the activity feed on user profiles except when you load the Questions or Favorites sections. Changes will not impact moderation or reported pages as the original poster is already listed on these nodes.

This change will impact the following template files used within list pages:

  • Idea Node Item Block
  • Articles Node Item Block
  • Questions Node Item Block

How to Enable This Functionality

To display the avatar of the original post in content lists, do the following:

  1. Log In to AnswerHub
    First, you will need to log in to your instance of AnswerHub.
  1. Navigate to the Administration Dashboard
    Navigate to your avatar and select Administration in the drop-down.
  1. Navigation to the Navigation Site Settings
    Navigate to Site > General > Navigation.
  1. Toggle the feature on/off
    Toggle the feature on/off by selecting/deselecting the box next to the Display Avatar of Original Poster in Content Lists field.


Without this functionality enabled, posts will appear as follows:


When you enable this functionality, posts will appear as follows: