Understanding Spaces in AnswerHub

Spaces hold content and sub-spaces within itself. Spaces are the top-level categories, holding different types of content to provide your community with a basic layer of organization. AnswerHub administrators often use spaces to separate their site into departments.

As a user, you can use spaces to help you locate and post relevant content about certain Topics to ensure you are giving and getting the best information possible.

You can access the Spaces User Interface (UI) by clicking on your Spaces drop-down menu to select the required space.

Example Scenarios

For Example: A company may have a Human Resources space wherein users can ask Questions directly related to their Human Resources department. Administrators can also create private spaces where only users with certain permissions can view the content within the space. Users, without the proper permissions to view the content, cannot access the space, or even bring up search results for the content within the private space.

For Example: A company may have a project that is confidential, so they can create a space wherein only those employees working on said project can have access.

What You Can Do With Spaces

From the Spaces User Interface, you can do the following:

  • Follow or Unfollow a Space

Follow Or Unfollow A Space

To follow a space, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your AnswerHub site.
    Result: The AnswerHub User Interface (UI) displays.
  2. From the Navigation bar, select the Spaces drop-down menu, and select the required space.
    Result: The space-specific page displays.
  3. To follow the space, do the following:
    a. Click the FOLLOW button.
    Result: The FOLLOW button displays as FOLLOWING.
  4. To unfollow the space, do the following:
    a. Hover over the FOLLOWING button to show the UNFOLLOW button.
    b. Click the UNFOLLOW button.
    Result: The FOLLOWING button displays as FOLLOW again.

What’s Next