Spam Protection

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Content > Control Menu > Spam Protection


When you enable the shield plugin, you will gain access to the Spam Protection menu. The page contains the "Spam Configuration Settings" and "Spam Words Filter" sections.

Spam Configuration Settings

Use the text fields and radio buttons to configure your spam settings.

  • Minimum reputation level required to skip anti-spam filters
  • Minutes to wait between posting questions
  • Amount of allowed repetitions per phrase
  • Percentage of illegible characters allowed
  • Seconds to wait until first post

Spam Words Filter

Use the text field to configure your spam words filter settings. List words that are common/frequently found in unwanted (spam) messages posted in the community. You can also include regular expressions (regex), by prepending the beginning of the pattern with a tilde (~).

Some examples:
To filter the phrase "this is my phrase": ~this\sis\smy\sphrase
For filtering U.S. phone numbers: ~(?\s

IP Blacklist

Lists IP addresses (CSV or a newline separated list) blocked from accessing any part of this site. An HTTP Error 403 (Access Denied) will be thrown instead.

Asset Domain Whitelist

List the domain names (separated by commas, new lines, or tabs) you want to allow for use in an image, video, or iframe source. Using any domain not on the list will send the post to moderation. Leave this field empty to allow any domain.

Suspended Users

List of users (CSV or a newline separated list) to suspend. Removing any of these users later from this list will reactivate their accounts.

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