Survey Feature

This survey feature allows permitted users and groups to create surveys in question posts.


This new survey option will apply to the question content type only and will not be an option for Articles and Ideas. Users and groups who want to create surveys must have the Publish Survey permissions under the Standard Roles section. The users with this permission will be able to add a title, choose between different survey style options and schedule the survey end date and time. A question can only ever have one survey and you can add it to a question that has not had a survey before, at any time. Community users will see the option to interact with the survey on the posted question in the community.


Permission Required

You must have the new permission called Publish Survey under Standard Roles in the Advanced Editor to grant users and groups the opportunity to create surveys in the community UI for question posts.

Getting the Publish Survey Permission

Location: Users & Groups > Manage Menu > Users Menu or Groups Menu

To obtain the publish survey permission, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Users & Groups category.
  2. Select the Manage menu then either the Users menu or the Groups menu (whichever applies to your needs).
  3. Select the desired user or group.
  4. Select the wrench icon in the top right corner of the body of the page.
  5. Select Edit Permissions from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select the wrench icon for the Site Permissions section then select the Advanced option in the drop-down menu.
  7. Select the Standard Roles panel and then the Publish survey permission.

Allowed Actions for Permitted Users to Create Surveys

Actions Allowed for Users with the Publish Survey Permission are as follows:

Create a Survey

Create a survey by adding a title, choosing the survey style, and scheduling the end date and time.

Edit the Survey

Edit the survey but only until voting has started; once voting has started on a survey, the user cannot edit anything on the survey.

Delete a Survey

Delete a survey with no votes.

Community User Interactions with the Survey

Cast a Vote by Selecting an Answer

This surveying option will only have up to 5 radio button options as available responses for a single question.

Only logged-in users may vote; users may select 1 option as their answer and cannot change their answer once they click the SUBMIT button.

Add Comments

We allow adding comments to the survey.

Edit the Questions with Surveys

Users can edit the question that contains the survey, but they cannot change anything in the survey unless they are a user with the publish survey permission.

Consolidation of Questions with Surveys

Users cannot consolidate a question that has an open survey.

Closing and Deleting a Survey

Closing a Survey

Once a survey has closed (reached the end date and time) you cannot reopen it.

Deleting a Survey

There are two different scenarios around deleting surveys:

  1. Delete a Survey But Not the Post
    You can delete a survey without deleting the question, but only if there are no votes on it.
  2. Delete a Post with a Survey
    You can delete a question with a survey, but the survey also gets deleted.

Results of the Survey

The results of the survey will display before and after the survey has ended to only those who have voted. After the survey has hit its end date, the results of the survey will display to logged-in users regardless of their voting participation.

API Updates

Users will be able to perform the following information:

  • Retrieve a Survey
  • Create a Survey
  • Update a Survey
  • Delete a Survey

For more detailed information on each of the new endpoints, navigate to the References Section and search for "Survey Feature".


If a user who owns a survey is anonymized the survey will also be anonymized. Votes will not be removed when a user is anonymized through the GDPR process.

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