Theme Variations

Access from the Admin Console

Location: Site > Layout > Theme Variations


By default, AnswerHub ships with the Like/Unlike variation for Voting (the button highlighted in green is the active setting).

You can select variations in the way that posts in the selected theme handle community support. To turn on Vote Up/Vote Down voting, Activate Votes for both the Control Bar and the Node Left. (If you don't select the same variation for both, the voting for your AnswerHub site will not work properly.)

The control bar is space below the content and node left is the space to the left of the content.

You can access the following two variations on the page:

  • Default
  • Votes

A successful change to the type of voting results in a green bar at the top of the page with a message that reads "Variation instance activated successfully."

Default (Like and Unlike Posts)

This variation is similar to social networking sites, in that users can Like a post they find helpful, or, if they change their mind, they can unlike it. Since a user can only withdraw an existing like vote, not actually vote against a node, this variation does not allow for negative total votes.

Votes (Up-vote and Down-vote Posts)

This variation allows users to up-vote a post that they like or find useful, or down-vote a post that they dislike or find unhelpful. This variation allows inadequate posts to have negative total votes.



Some community managers prefer to prevent down-voting, because users can view it as a negative interaction. By revoking this setting in your permissions, you can allow only up-voting to take place.

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