Troubleshooting Issues

Here you will find some troubleshooting for various issues with your answerhub community.

Logging In Issues

SSO Users Having Login Issues

If a user gets created through SSO, AnswerHub will not store a password for that user. As a result, they cannot use the API.

Solution: If the user already exists and was created through SSO, navigate to the admin dashboard and "reset" the user's password (https://community.[companyName].com/admin/users/view/[User ID].html).

Navigate to the user's profile and note their AnswerHub username. This is not necessarily the same username used when signing into the SSO. This will be the username used to access the API.

If creating a user for the first time either:

  1. Create the user through SSO and follow the steps outlined above.
  2. Create user through the admin dashboard (https://community.[companyName].com/admin/users/new.html).



If created through the admin dashboard, the user cannot log in using SSO.

Users Receiving Unwanted Notifications

If you have users receiving notifications for changes in the community without knowing the reason for these unwanted messages, look in to the following.

There are two possible reasons to check for:

  1. The user is an identified expert in the community.
  2. You may need to adjust the default notification settings to make users automatically follow content.

Checking for Identified Experts

There is a chance the user may get marked as an identified expert. Select the links to learn more about Expertise and the Identified Experts View.

When you become a Topic expert your user will automatically begin to follow that Topic.

  • This means, when a question posts with a Topic within your expertise, you will automatically receive a notification prompting you to provide an Answer.

Checking Default Notification Settings

Navigate to the Following Content section located in Default Settings in the Notifications menu (accessed via Site > Notifications > Default Settings.

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