Understanding AnswerHub Documentation

The "AnswerHub Overview" subcategories provide information about AnswerHub, the APIs, How to Get Started with Using the API, Using the API Explorer to Test Out Endpoints in the References, and How to Interact with the API.


API Explorer has a new password:

Navigate to Test Endpoints Directly in the Browser for more details.


From here, you can go to any of the subcategories in the navigation tree to get started. We recommend going through all the "AnswerHub Overview" subcategories if you are new to AnswerHub.


Three Main Personas

Three main personas interact with the AnswerHub software: administrators, moderators, and community users. These personas navigate through the admin console and community user interfaces to create and use community collaboration.

  • The Admin guide walks AnswerHub Community Administrators through all the features displayed in the admin console user interface for versions 1.8+.
  • The updated Moderator guide was just released at the end of September 2019. The moderators interact mainly with the community user interface.
  • We expect to publish the updated Community User guide in the near future and will cover all the features displayed in the admin console and community user interfaces for versions 1.8+.

A Fourth Persona called the System Administrator

Users who need additional configuration instructions outside of the usual Site Administrator role, Admin Console UI and Community UI fall under the role of System Administrator. We do not present the private-cloud and on-premise installation and configuration instructions in the user interface guides. That information will be in a System Administrator guide or an On-Premise guide.

  • To learn more about the on-premise guide, navigate to README.txt Updates.
  • We expect to publish the System Administrator guide in the near future.


If you're new to AnswerHub, check out the Glossary to learn about AnswerHub specific terminology.

Before You Use the REST API & API Explorer

To fully utilize the REST API with your AnswerHub Community, you will need a registered username and password with Administrator Permissions.

If you are a community user or curious third-party developer interested in testing out our REST API, you can use our API Explorer! The API Explorer already comes with a test user and test password; you can read about it in the section, Test Endpoints Directly in the Browser.


Check to see if you have already enabled the REST API and have Granted Use API Permission to the user:

If you haven't Enabled the REST API in AnswerHub or granted permissions, read about Access Requirements.

Navigating to Other Areas of the Site

If you have already enabled the REST API and granted appropriate permissions and you want to explore the site, see the following list below:

To View All of the Endpoints

Navigate to Reference Docs and learn how to Test Endpoints Directly in the Browser through what we call the API Explorer.

Already Know Which Specific Endpoint You Want to Read About

Use the search bar on the top right-hand side of the page to go directly to that endpoint.

To Understand the Onboarding Process for AnswerHub

Navigate to the Getting Started page under AnswerHub Getting Started.

To Get Started with Understanding the AnswerHub Software for Different Personas

Navigate to AnswerHub Getting Started Guide.

To Read the Administrator Guide

Navigate to Admin Guide Intro.

To Understand AnswerHub From a UI perspective & Read Older Version Docs

Navigate to AnswerHub Version 1.8 & 1.6 Docs.

To Find Information Regarding On-Premise Installations of AnswerHub

Navigate to On-Premise README.txt Updates



You may see the name "TeamHub" in the Administration Dashboard. We have renamed this "AnswerHub," but remains present throughout some roles, plugins, theme images and the code.

What’s Next

If you are new to AnswerHub, go through all the "AnswerHub Overview" sections before moving to "Using AnswerHub REST API."