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Awards are part of the Gamification features within AnswerHub. The system grants awards to users for many reasons but tend to focus on the value of their interactions with the AnswerHub site. The most valuable users in your community should have the most coveted awards. Therefore, it might be helpful to learn about AnswerHub’s awards and which action(s) we associate with earning them. On the awards page, you can view the variety of awards available to your users from the list of already installed awards and familiarize yourself with how users can earn each of the awards. There are three levels of awards: bronze, silver, and gold. The level for each award displays as a star to the left of each of the award names.

For Example: The silver, "Notable Question" award requires a user to ask a question that receives 300 views, while the gold, "Famous Question" award gets awarded once a user’s question receives 500 views.



Many communities choose to customize these badges to tailor them more to their user base. Examples of changes range from changing the color, logo, and even an entirely new set of badges with new actions associated with earning them.

● Gold:

Gold badges are the most difficult to obtain, requiring devotion to contributing positively to the community.

● Silver:

Silver badges require advanced participation, such as editing many entries or asking a question with hundreds of views.

● Bronze:

Bronze badges are the easiest to obtain, and involve basic participation, such as editing a post or voting.

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