There are several plugins that may be active on a given AnswerHub site. However, some plugins may change how you can interact with your AnswerHub site. This may include how the site looks or functions. Please keep in mind we have written this guide for AnswerHub as it functions out-of-the-box. However, if you have any questions or concerns about your AnswerHub site’s functionality with additional plugins, be sure to contact your site administrator.

Two of the more common plugins you may encounter are the Ideation plugin, and the Knowledge Base (articles) plugin. The Ideation plugin allows an AnswerHub community to exchange Ideas with one another, such as future projects or events. The Knowledge Base plugin allows an AnswerHub community to post articles about Topics within their community. This guide has included sections that refer to both the Ideation and Knowledge Base plugins, since they are very commonly activated on many AnswerHub communities.

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