Using AnswerHub As A Developer


  • Use the REST API to gather information about questions, answers, topics, users, articles, ideas, awards, actions, analytics and more.
  • By using the REST API, you can also display questions, related questions, answers, topics, user information, articles, ideas, awards, latest activities, and more.
  • AnswerHub has a mature read/write REST API with almost complete coverage of the application functionality.
  • You can use the API to import/export data, integrate with third-party applications and write custom AnswerHub user interfaces.
  • Custom user interfaces can range from purpose-driven mobile clients to custom analytics dashboards.

Setting Up an AnswerHub Environment

Recommended IDE

Internally at Devada, we mostly use IntelliJ IDEA, and in some cases, Eclipse. For markup editing, we usually use non-resource-demanding editors, such as Sublime.

What Your IDE Should Support

In our opinion, good syntax highlighting, auto-completion and automatic error checking are essential in modern development. Whatever you pick, make sure you have support for XML, Java, Html/CSS/Javascript and Freemarker for better productivity.

Application Container

AnswerHub is a Java web application, and so it needs an application container to run. We support Apache Tomcat version 7, using a version that uses the new WebSockets support and servlet API 3.


We support MySQL 5.5, 5.6, or 5.7 and any MySQL GUI tool.

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