Zendesk Integration Updates

Below you will find the new updates to the Zendesk plugin (version 2).


There are several updates to the Zendesk plugin in version two. The changes from version one to version two are as follows:

  • Several changes to the "Support Ticket Integrations Area" in the admin console:
    • Login page updates
    • Settings page updates
    • Template page updates
  • Changes to the Community UI when creating a support ticket from a question.
  • Email notifications to Superusers regarding automatic escalation.

Support Ticket Integrations Area Changes

Login Page Updates

  • New Video: There is now an instructional video on "Setting Extended Properties" and "Customizing your Ticket Template" to send questions to Zendesk from AnswerHub.
  • Update in the UI: We now list the Zendesk Endpoint text field as a Zendesk URL on the login page.
    • Example input for Zendesk URL text field: https://.zendesk.com/

Settings Page Updates

  • New Escalation Option: In addition to the manual escalation of questions from the community sent to Zendesk Support, there is now the option to enable automatic escalation.
    • The admin will enable automatic escalation on this page by selecting Enabled from the drop-down and then select the time to escalation (range: 5 min - 10080 min) before saving and continuing to the Template page.
    • If a question without a Zendesk ticket gets an accepted answer before the automated escalation time triggers, AnswerHub will send the ticket to Zendesk and set the status to SOLVED.

Template Page Updates

  • New Editable Text Fields: The admin can make text fields editable in the "Create a Support Ticket from this Question" modal window in the community UI. We represent this new capability by the new lock icons beside Name, Email, Company, Subject, and Description.
  • Editable text fields ("open" lock icon in the admin console with the option to "close" the lock):
    • Company, Subject, Description
  • Non-editable text fields ("closed" lock icon without the option to "open" the lock in the admin console):
    • Name and Email are not editable and will pull from the profile of the user posting the question.
  • Drag and Drop Feature: The admin also can drag and drop the 6 custom fields in the customizable template area; this allows them to arrange the custom questions in any order after creating the field.
    • If the admin adds the custom field to the template, the question extended property should update to the "Enabled" status and show up as a required field on the Question Detail page.
  • New Notification Feature: When creating the template, AnswerHub will check against the required fields in Zendesk and notify the admin (via toast notification) that the system cannot save the template due to required fields in Zendesk not existing.

Permission Updates

For any user who needs to use the Zendesk features to create or see cases in AnswerHub, you need to enable the USE API permission.

What’s Next