Action-related REST APIs

Actions refer to anything a user does to interact with the AnswerHub platform. We designed this section to guide you in creating API requests that involve actions.

Documentation Related to Actions

  • Find documentation related to actions at the following links (and you can always find them through the search bar):

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Data Models and Field Summary Tables
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GDPR Plugin

Action Data Model

Field Summary

Field NameTypeExample(s)Description
actionDateString (formated date)2012-02-13 10:15:13.0This is the string formatted date when creating a given user.
canceledBooleantrueThis is a boolean flag that shows whether an action has been cancelled. (For example, a node was deleted, but then that action was undone.)
extraThis field contains extra data about an action.
actionIdInteger208This is the integer (digit) identifier for an action.
ipIP Address174.97.228.129This is the IP address of the user whose request triggers an action.
nodeIdID: Integer (64bits)21This is the ID of the node upon which the action was performed.
privateBooleantrueThis is the boolean flag specifying if an action is private (not shown to other users) or not. If true the action is private, if false it is public.
verbStringcancelledThe type field describes the type of action that a user has performed.
userUser (id,username,avaterUrl){"id":12,"username":"docs":"50b868c..",avatarUrl: "https://..."}This is the user that performed an action Note: This parameter only has 4 sub-fields: id, username, avatarUrl.