Answer-related REST APIs

The ability to answer and accept an answer to a question is an important part of the AnswerHub user experience. (Questions without answers are of little benefit to users.) We designed this section to guide you in creating API requests that involve answers.

Documentation Related to Answers


Notes for answerIds:

  • While using the suggested request methods, remember all answers are also nodes and, in almost all cases, fields and parameters that work with nodes will also work with answers.

    • Please refer to the node section if you want to review the details relevant to these requests.
  • Remember: All concrete sub-types of node (questions, answers, or comments) share the same pool of assigned identifiers.

  • You can also find an Answer ID by making a request to retrieve a list of all the answers.

  • Anywhere you need an answerId for a request, the nodeId will serve the same purpose (They are the same number).