Consolidate Questions into Articles

A user with the proper permissions can consolidate question posts and their respective comments and answers into an article.



Permissions & Notes:

You must have the USE_API permission and the Manage Consolidations custom roles permission.

Sample Request

This sample request will consolidate a question post and its respective comments and answers into an article.

-u answerhub: test123
-H "Accept: application/json"
-H "Content-type: application/json"
-X POST "{node_id}/consolidate.json

Expected Responses and Sample Responses

- Successful Response:
HTTP Status Code: 201 - Created

  “success”: true, 
  “article”: <article content displayed in json as when queried via node query API>

- Error Response:

  • Criteria Not Met: HTTP Status 400
  • Already Consolidated: HTTP Status 400
  “success”: false, 
    “error”: “Criteria not met for consolidation”
“success”: false, 
“error”: “The consolidation was already performed for that entity”
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