Delete a Survey without using its ID from a Post

Delete a survey from a post without needing the survey ID.



Permissions & Notes:

There is no permission required to make this API request.

Sample Request

In the sample request below, the user is making a request to delete a survey on question post with a node ID of 123.

-u answerhub:test123 
-H "Accept:application/json"
-H "Content-Type:applcation/json" 

Successful Response

HTTP Status 200. There will be no JSON response with content.

Expected Error Responses

There are 3 different error responses shown below, each in a different tab. They all have an HTTP Status 400.

400: {“error”:”The node does not have any survey.”}
400: {“error”:”The Survey has already ended.”}
400: {“error”:”The Survey has votes.”}
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