Learn About Our APIs and How to Test Them

Watch Our Video to Learn About AnswerHub REST APIs and How to Test Endpoints Directly in the Browser

If this is your first time seeing our APIs, we recommend going to the following links listed below to read about how we structure the APIs, allowed HTTP Requests, Authentication and Headers, MIME types, Access Requirements, Example Request Expectations, Input and Output Formats, URL/URI Structure and finally how to TEST Directly in the Browser with the API Explorer!

IMPORTANT: Every request will require the user to have the USE_API permission.

Additional permissions are listed for each specific request.

Basic Structure Summary of the Reference Documentation (The Endpoints)

  1. We group the endpoints by different categories; i.e. User, Group, Question, Topic, etc.
  2. Directly underneath the category headers is a summary of the specific endpoints that may apply to each of the specific endpoints; i.e. User-related REST APIs, Group-related REST APIs, etc.
  3. Each endpoint has what we call an API Explorer to test the endpoint directly in the browser; not every endpoint is testable due to specific permissions required for the test username/password, answerhub/test123. Basically, if the permission is an administrative or moderator specific permission (most of which are for POST, PUT and DELETE requests), then you cannot test it directly in the browser. However, you will still have access to the sample requests, responses, and login capability to see the actual result in the community user interface using the test username/password (answerhub/test123).
  4. Each endpoint lists required permissions, their location by role category (Anonymous Roles, Site Administration Roles, Custom Roles, etc.), and any important notes inside of the orange, blue and/or red text boxes.
  5. Make sure to check out the links below, like Example Requests to understand the cURL requests (like how to import the code samples into Postman if you want to break the sample down more).

Recommended Links for More Detailed Information About AnswerHub REST API Endpoints
Test Endpoints Directly in the Browser
Allowed HTTP Requests
Authentication And Headers
MIME Types
Access Requirements
Example Requests
Input and Output Formats
URL/URI Structure
Sorting Criteria Tables - Documentation under Development
Data Models and Field Summary Tables - Documentation under Development