Retrieve Nodes in Moderation


The purpose of this API is to retrieve a list of all nodes in Moderation status. This corresponds to content that would appear on the Moderation tab in the moderation queue or in the in moderation link in the admin under manage content.

Parameters are provided to specify the state of the content, whether in moderation, rejected, waiting a reply or replied, and to filter by space to return a subset of the total queue and sort the order of when content was sent to moderation or to group by user.


Permissions & Notes:

  • You must have the permission called View Nodes in Moderation under Moderation Roles to make this API call.
  • Be sure to use pagination query parameter when making these calls

This functionality was added in the 2.19.0 Release

New Sort=oldest, Sort=newest, Sort=user parameters added in 2.21.0 release to align with the new sort feature in the UI.

Sample Request

-u answerhub:test123
-H "Accept: application/json"
-H "Content-type: application/json"
-X GET ""

Sample Response

HTTP Error Response codes:

Success Response:

  • 200: Successfully Retrieved Node List

Error Responses:

  • 400: Bad request - when for example, the user attempts to use another query param mode value (distinct to moderation/reported/spam)

  • 403: Forbidden - when the user doesn’t have the “View Nodes in Moderation” role granted

  • 404: Not found – when for example, the user has a typo on the wording of the endpoint

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