Retrieve Topic Followers List

You can use this API request to retrieve a paged list of FollowRelation (Users) that are following a topic.


You can use the following parameters in your retrieve topic followers request:

Specific: details, active
Paging and Sorting: page, pageSize, sort
Projection: include, exclude, includeOnly
Other options: wrap, v1


Permissions & Notes:

  • You must have the View users list permission under Anonymous Roles in the Advanced Editor.

  • When the details parameter is set to false (the default setting), the system only retrieves the follower information; the system does not return other relation information.

  • When the details parameter is set to true, the result is a list of FollowRelation. Each FollowRelation entry models a social relation between a following user and the followed topic.

  • When the active parameter is set as true (the default setting), the system only returns active relations.

  • When the active parameter is set as false, the system retrieves all relations, including those that are inactive.

  • With the includeOnly parameter set to id and name (/services/v2/topic.json?includeOnly=id,name) to the AnswerHub REST API.

  • We added this request in version 1.6.3.

Sample Request

A GET retrieve topic followers request to retrieve a list of followers of a specific topic (topicID: 127) sent to using a human-readable Username/Password (answerhub/test123) would look like this:

-u answerhub:test123 
-H "Accept: application/json" 
-H "Content-type: application/json" 
-X GET "" -v

Sample Response

Successful Response:

  • HTTP Status 200 - OK
    "name": "",
    "sort": "",
    "page": 0,
    "pageSize": 35,
    "pageCount": 1,
    "listCount": 1,
    "totalCount": 1,
    "list": [
            "id": 11,
            "type": "user",
            "creationDate": 1545231253000,
            "creationDateFormatted": "12/19/2018 02:54 PM",
            "modificationDate": 1549319679000,
            "username": "answerhub",
            "slug": "answerhub",
            "gold": 0,
            "silver": 0,
            "bronze": 3,
            "reputation": 2,
            "moderator": false,
            "superuser": false,
            "avatar": "",
            "postCount": 3,
            "followerCount": 0,
            "followCount": 0,
            "userFollowCount": 0,
            "active": true,
            "suspended": false,
            "deactivated": false,
            "groups": [
                    "id": "3",
                    "creationDate": 1542778947000,
                    "creationDateFormatted": "11/21/2018 05:42 AM",
                    "modificationDate": 1547066915000,
                    "name": "Users"
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