Space-related REST APIs

Spaces are the sub-nodes (nested nodes) of the site-level container in the AnswerHub Hierarchy. In turn, they can hold any number of their own spaces. We design this section to guide you in creating API requests that involve spaces.

Documentation Related to Spaces


Notes for spaceIds:

  • While using the suggested request methods, remember that all spaces are also nodes and that, in almost all cases, fields and parameters that work with nodes will also work with spaces.

    • Please refer to the node section if you want to review the details relevant to these requests.
  • Remember: All concrete sub-types of nodes (questions, answers, or comments) share the same pool of assigned identifiers.

    • You can find a space's spaceId in the space's URL after /spaces/. For example: (The spaceId in this example is 11).
    • You can also find a Space ID by making a request to retrieve a list of all the spaces.
    • Anywhere you need a spaceId for a request, the nodeId will serve the same purpose (They are the same number).

Space Field Summary

This table summarizes the fields supported by space REST APIs:

Field NameTypeExamplesDescription
spaceIdID: Integer (64bits)34This is the integer (digit) identifier for a space.
type"space""space"This is the discriminator field (constant value) that identifies the type of a given space.
nameStringDEVELOPMENTThis is the string formatted name of a space.
prefixStringDEVThis is the shortened name for a space.
localeStringUSThis is the preferred locale for a space's content. This field will help the TeamHub platform identify how to best present your requested information.
creationDateTimestamp1377618587675This is the timestamp formatted creation date of a space (presented as a number of milliseconds since creation).
modificationDateTimestamp1377618587675This is the timestamp formatted date of the last modification of a space's details (presented as a number of milliseconds since modification).
activeBooleanTRUEThis is a boolean flag that specifies if you can post new content to the site.