Un-Redirect a Question

You can use this API request to move a question from its original space to another space.


You must specify the node ID of the question..


Permissions & Notes:

  • You must have the Redirect questions permission under Other Standard Roles in the Advanced Editor.
    • If the question is your own, you must have the Redirect own question permission under Standard Roles in the Advanced Editor.

This API was added in the 2.19.0 release

Sample Request

A PUT to un-redirect from the question with node ID of 72 .

-u "answerhub:test123" 
-H "Accept: application/json" 
-H "Content-type: application/json" 
-X PUT "https://apidocs.cloud.answerhub.com/services/v2/question/{72}/unredirect"

Expected Response

Successful Response:

  • HTTP Status 200 - OK

Message: Question: {0} has been successfully redirected to question: {1}.

  • HTTP Error Codes

  • 403: role/permission issue “REDIRECT, REDIRECT_OWN_QUESTION” revoked role.

  • 404: Either of the 1 or 2 questions aren’t found.

Message: We're sorry, but the question: {0} does not exist.

  • 400: Question already equals to the other one to redirect. (There is already a redirect in place or the same node ID's were specified as both the source and destination values for the redirect.

Message: We're sorry, but the question: {0} is already equals to: {1}.

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