Update a Survey



Permissions & Notes:

There is no permission required to make this API request.

The example below depicts a request to update the survey with an ID of 321 for the question node with an ID of 123.

-u "answerhub:test123" 
-H "Accept: application/json" 
-H "Content-type: application/json" 
-d '{ “title”:<string required>, “deadline”:<date ISO format>, “elements”: [ {"content”:<string required>} ]}' "https://apidocs.cloud.answerhub.com/services/v2/node/123/survey/321.json" -v

Successful Response

HTTP Status: 202

   “id”:<long id>,

Expected Error Responses

There are 5 different error responses shown below, each in a different tab. They all have an HTTP Status 400.

400: {“error”:”Node already has a survey”}
400: {“error”:”Deadline date not set.”}
400: {“error”:”Deadline date cannot be in the past.”}
400: {“error”:”Survey title cannot be empty.”}
400: {“error”:”There should be at least 2 Survey elements and no more than 5.”}
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